“Daily Mail, why are you taking over my life?”- Madeleine Love

by amateurflaneur

I like to think that as a 4th year student at a respectable University I can dupe myself into having attained some higher degree of ‘intellect’ and ‘education’ and that the profoundly mind numbing content of the New Scientist, British Medical Journal and Financial Times arouse the ‘academic’ inside of me. However, morning, (multiple noon’s) and night I find myself inexplicably drawn to the daytime drawl that is www.dailymail.co.uk (heaven forbid you type in .com, as this takes you to genuinely informative news about the citizens of Charleston USA).

What the exact draw of Cara Delevingne’s latest facial expression, Brooklyn Beckham’s birthday dinner or a cat that looks like Hitler is I cannot tell you…all that I can tell you is that without my 30 visit/day Daily Mail addiction, my 9-5 stint ‘working’ in the library would actually equate to 8hrs as opposed to the current 3. But realistically, when faced with a 20,000 dissertation… who doesn’t love Hitler cats?

End note: Funnily, writing the dailymail web address within this article hyperlinked it directly to the site… depressingly I clicked on it… 23rd view of the day.