Meal Deal Misery- Emily Kane

by amateurflaneur

Another unsatisfactory lunch.

It seems I possess a great ability to disregard all previous misgivings when my stomach begins to rumble. The local Sainsbury’s is a focus for students nipping out of university looking to grab a quick bite to eat. For the last two years I have followed suit, content with the lunchtime selection, however now I exit and inevitably begin to grieve. It takes a lot of will power to enter Sainsbury’s at peak time so I would not have fallen into such a routine without a suitable incentive.

This used to be the Sainsbury’s meal deal.

The agreement was that I could enjoy a sumptuous Taste the Difference prawn and lemon-dressed rocket sandwich, plus a bag of crisps and a drink (albeit from a small selection) for just three pounds. Sainsbury’s now however have decided that this is not a deal. Nope, instead they have changed their terms and the Taste the Difference range is off limits. Not only is it off limits but also the one prawn sandwich I crave and need is now three pounds on its own. Whilst I may be towards the greedy end of the scale, I believe I do not expect a lot from a supermarket sandwich.

Sainsbury’s new definition of a ‘deal’ is suspicious. At least half of the regular sandwich range requires the consumer to imagine the filling upon ingestion. Plus the coke bottles have been redesigned for Stuart Little. Sainsbury’s case could be saved if the new arrangement still made financial sense. However, on occasion I have picked my three components to later find that they do not even reach the three pound total. Thus, I have arrived at the till and inadvertently scanned a collection of items that do not equal the good ‘deal’ advertised. Although I will have ultimately spent less money, I have achieved little. Change has not happened in other Bristol Sainsbury’s, simply the one with arguably the city’s biggest student catchment and regular footfall. Therefore this is a deliberate attempt to prise money from students, including those like me who have innocently overindulged in the former deal and are now hooked.

Crack dealer tactics.

Every lunch I return to either spend too much on my old sandwich or turn grumpy after buying a shite replacement.


I beg not